Lets Talk About Merit !!! Class X Merit List.

Compiled by : Tanmay Waghamare


Let's talk about Merit! The following list of SC/ST candidates are the 2nd or max 3rd generation kids born in SC/ST families who got the basic rights including the right to education; only post Independence. With the opportunities offered by Affirmative Action (AA) programs they are already on their way to beat the mainstream competition. Here is an example of how AA has helped Dalits prosper and pass on the education (only way to prosperity and dignified life) to their kids.  

Maharashtra State SSC (10th) Results
Open Topper: 96.66%
SC/ST Topper: 96.40%
Division wise SSC results:

Division:  Aurangabad
Open Topper:  96.53%
SC/ST Topper: 96.40% (Open Merit Rank: 2)
Name:  "Mane, Prerna Bhagwanrao"

Division: Latur
Open Topper: 96.66%
SC/ST Topper: 95.20% (Open Merit Rank: 5)
Name:  "Shewale, Swaranjali Madanrao"

Division: Kolhapur
Open Topper: 95.33%
SC/ST Topper: 94.93% (Open Merit Rank: 4)
Name:  "Metkari, Amita Mallappa"

Division: Nagpur
Open Topper: 95.73%
SC/ST Topper: 94.53% (Open Merit Rank: 4)
Name:  "Tambade, Sonali Mahadev"

Division: Amravati
Open Topper: 96.53%
SC/ST Topper: 94.53% (Open Merit Rank: 5)
Name:  Dongare Pratiksha Digambarsing

Division: Mumbai
Open Topper: 95.60%
SC/ST Topper: 93.86% (Open Merit Rank: 10)
Name:  "Palange, Nikhil Dilip"

Division: Pune
Open Topper: 96.40%
SC/ST Topper: 93.60% (Open Merit Rank: 12)
Name:  "Narnaware, Aparna Vitthal"

Division: Nashik
Open Topper: 93.73%
SC/ST Topper: 92.13% (Open Merit Rank: 4)
Name:  "Nirbhawane, Dipti Dilip" 

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