Take on Reservation in Pvt. Sec.: F.H.Jakkappanavar

1. What is your definition of "Reservation" in Private Sector?

Opportunity for the qualified Dalits and Tribals to work in Private Sector which are controlling 80% of the National wealth and economical activities.

2. Do we need Reservation in Private Sector?

Definitely, it must be ensured.

3. If there is reservation, what will be its impact on the Indian economy?

Indian economy will be sounded with participation of secular minded Dalits and Tribals in the Private sectors.

4. If there is no reservation, what will be the impact on the social fabric of the nation?

If there is no reservation in private sectors (private sectors in India are headed and owned by the fuedals by consolidating the wealth of the country through dubious means) keeping away the 30% of the Indians out of their functioning, these private sector lords will definitely grow as threat to the social harmony, democratic processes and disturb the social fabric of the nation that ultimately result in unrest in social life.

5. What is your take on reservation in govt. and public sector? Do you believe its a success or a failure. If it's a failure, how can you implement reservation in pvt. sector in such a way that it will be successful.

Reservation for the Dalits and Tribals in the services of Government and the Public Undertakings has worked well. Take for example, providing reservation in Banking Industry has resulted in tremendous growth of this industry in hundred folds growth(Banks were nationalized in 1969). Reservation provided in Railways has resulted in best Transport services. Reservation provided in Defence Research Development Organisation has produced best scientists those are really assets of the country. Reservation provided in teaching faculty has resulted in finding best scholars among the Dalits and Tribals (Sri.K.R.Narayanan,Ex-President of India, Sri Balachandra presently a scholarly member in Planning Commission of India). Reservation has made India a secular India and a strong India.

6. What is your answer to the critics use of the word "Merit" w.r.t Reservation?

Indian governance, production, management and cultural life does not run on merit but only on caste. Merit is only an excuse to deny opportunities to the Dalits and the Tribals. What merit Brahmins had when they demanded reservation for them in the services of British Raj?. We are living in democracy and we should have participative governance, production, management and cultural life.

7. How has reservation helped or hurt you in your life?

Reservation has helped me to come up in the life to join the mainstream of Indian society. But, for reservation I am able to-day to behave as a citizen of the country. Slavery and subjugations have disappeared from blood. Always I proudly think now I am an an Indian first and an Indian last.

8. Is there an alternative to reservation to help the Dalits?

Diversity is an alternative to reservation to help the dalits and tribals. Let them accept the theory of diversity as advocated by brother Chandraban Prasad

Labour Leader.

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