Reservation: devoid of execution

by Praful Sakya

Reservation: divided India

Reservation: Pride and prejudices

Reservation: devoid of execution

 By Praful Sakya

“Continual denying the legitimates rights of the underprivileged in a vulgar and manipulative form is shameful act of preventing people from taking part in affairs, which properly concern them.”


Reservation, the moment subject pops-up the entire nation thrust itself into heated debates.  No consensus. No alternative model in offer, if the reservation policy is to wind up, to address the problem of such a grave concerns. It sparks off controversies; spread hatreds and breeds conspiracy theory. One favors -- other disfavors that unassumingly envelopes the entire nation into scorching flames of divided opinions. 


            The subject of reservation has always been like a draconic thunderbolt that keeps popping every now and then over the looming dark clouds of social unrest.


It is quite a well-known historical fact and overtly over-discussed that the reservation policy was came into effect for the unfortunate, underprivileged and downtrodden sons of India, under the guidelines of ‘Pune Pact’. The pact was signed with only one holy assumption and purpose that it would secure future of 90 millions people (In year 2001 the population recorded 250 millions) in the hands of rest of India for not asking separate state of their own like Pakistan as was proposed by the then ruling west-India company (England). The pact was meant for erasing the blot of historical socio-economical wrongs inflicted upon millions of socially depressed class, spanned thousands of years.  The initial period that was decided for the restructuring and to restore them in the mainstream was flat 10 year with the provision for revision in case continuation needed, depending upon the result the reservation policy would achieve. It has now completed more than 50 years and still on. The major reason cited-- ‘the holy purpose did not quite happen’.


There has been a constant nagging voice of protest, despair and disapproval from some of the sections of privileged India against the policy of reservation. “ The dark and ugly demon of reservation has been looming over the future of our sons and we see no hope of its end - it is now here to stay to shake our existence.” This line pithy sums up the frustration of privileged Indians and they often vent it in the forms of protest rallies or letters to the editors with headlines like: ‘ When will reservation end?’ or ‘revoke reservation’. It used to haunt the anxious parents and their sons/daughters over the academic future and job prospectus. 


             The story of Reservation goes back in the era when the nation was making ‘tryst with destination’ as was, India’s freedom struggle, epitomized by Jawaharlal Nehru. And came the time, it was brought on the brink of trifurcation: one for Hindus, second for Muslims and third for backward community, before it could get a complete sovereignty, as was the dividing formula devised by British. There is no denying fact that Muslim community couldn’t be persuaded for not to split the country mainly because some section of Muslims thought, partition was the only way out to escape from the grip of Hindu majority.  Moreover, they could get their share of land mainly because they were quite firm on their demand and had monetary as well as mussel power. On the other hand the scene was exactly opposite for the backward community led by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, had he been a little ardent on his demand and had he had required monetary and mussel support the present Indian structure would have been more or less, like, without this so called perpetuating reservation problem and both the communities would have lived happily there after. Fortunately - or unfortunately this did not happen and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had left with no option than to literally surrender, much against his wish, the future of 90 million unfortunates in the hands of rest of India. Since then there has been no substantial change in the lives of majority of the people those have been covered under the protection of reservation policy.           


The Pune Pact was signed between Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as a representative of oppressed class and Mahatma Gandhi was for Hindu community.  But as per the commission it was quite clear that the Oppressed class was going to get a separate state of their own. It was Gandhiji who went on to fast-unto-death against the England's proposal, at the Pune's Yerwada Jail. He was continuously on the fast, but when Gandhiji's health started deteriorating, finally on Spet.24, 1932, a pact was signed   between Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B.R. Ambedkar, known as Pune Pact. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar consented on the formula of reservation suggested by Gandhiji that in lieu of separate state the backward community would get reservations in Jobs and education institutes. So in a way Reservation is not something like a sort of burden on anyone it is the legitimate right of backward community. But considering the precarious plight of this community, from it’s quite apparent or seems that the policy makers and executioner have ditched them and comprehensively failed in delivering what has been decided. 


The reservation for the SCs/STs is predominately in the government sectors either for Job or education. Whatever small opportunities for the SCs/STs in the government sector have been on constant decline because of changing Industrial policies, socio-economic compulsions and part of privatization move over the years by the successive governments that has seriously hindered the growth of the SCs/STs. The recent government in finding another avenues to resolve this problem has thought to exercise an option of reservation for SCs/STs in private sectors.


I think, in the wake of this new problem and remedial solution in offer has taken unfortunate turn, therefore, it has absolutely become necessary to look at the problem of reservations through different angle taking some of the past and contemporary social factors into consideration.            


When Manmohan Singh’s UDA alliance government has put in place a group of minister (GoM) to examine the sensitive issue of reservation for SCs/STs in the private sectors it has cast unromantic spell on the Industrial heavyweight, like: Rahul Bajaj and the unity exhibited by organizations like The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), and Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) against the panel is remarkable. What a fascinating way to exhibit the strength of their unity against the interest of weaker section of India. Had they displayed the same unity of purpose in opposing MNCs, WTO, Share-Market Manipulators, defaulters, etc. it would have served the nation's interest much better.


In the wake of recent controversy over the introduction of reservation in the private sectors for SCs/STs, in his counteract, first, Mr. Bajaj has threaten the Maharashatra state government, if it enact any resolution favoring reservation for SCs/STs in private sector he may exercise the option of winding the current set-up of his Industrial empire up and would move it to any other state. Second, he knocked an article off ‘Devoid of Merit’ (TOI Spet. 2004). Central Idea: It will kill private sector and a person who does not carry his designation on his sleeve. It is undemocratic temperament by which Bajaj arrogates to oneself the role of final court of judgment of what is right and what is wrong- self-induced mental black out.  As Historian L.V. Namier's has rightly mentioned in his book 'In the Margin of history"'' the weight of argument is greatly depends up him who uses it: that of the strong has "force" and carries " conviction": that of the weak if unanswerable, is called quibble and opt to cause annoyance." As backward community is not strong and has no power its concerns are likely to be dismissed as quibbles against the powerful lobby of Industrial Institutions.


The reservation problem has now reached new heights that one has to very openly and blatantly discuss what a person who does carry his designation on his sleeve, has contributed for Indian Industrial development or for that matter for the overall development of India?


It is quite unfortunate that Mr. Rahul Bajaj has inherited only the empire of his grandfather and not the legacy of his Gandhian values of inclusion of larger world. Moreover, there is no compulsion on any one that what one should take and what not, but I hope the good sense sooner or later prevail, and if not then, like any other privileged citizen of Republic of India Mr. Bajaj is free to set his Industries anywhere in India that may only help to Indian people. But then can his threatening step guarantees that continued denial of backward community’s rights will not lead to a socially explosive situation. It is not the biggest sin to first set ‘evil social Pride and Prejudices’ and surreptitiously acting on that would only degrade humanity much against the will of the great creator? 


 One should not forget that acting on social ‘Pride and prejudices’ is the fundamental characteristic of an insane businessman. Like a prudent businessmen, they should, in their own interest, offer to set things right. Otherwise to these oppressed class, it would then be no wonder, the major strike on the Industrial establishments by moist in Nepal, if becomes the first and foremost example to emulate.  They should not forget that these people have nothing to lose -- over the years they have been stripped off from all the socio-economic powers. The only thing that they have is backwardness, self-perpetuating poverty, no locus standi in society, menial work, hatred, etc.  It would be no wonder if they decide to fight back considering they have nothing to lose.


Lets see the performance sheet of Indian Industries and the over all contribution of it in the over all India’s development.


It was the East-Indian (British) company who laid down the foundation of Industrial development as a mean to achieve its own interest during Indian’s pre-independent ear. After independence the growth of Indian Industries mainly attributed to joint ventures, as we had no capacity and requisite technology to do so. Today’s major Industrial houses like TVS had tie-up with Suzuki, Hero with Honda, Tata with other Industries of its interests and Bajaj Industry was no exception to it and had trade relations with Piaggio of Italy in 1960 and later with Kawasaki.  Moreover, to safeguard the interest of Indian industrialist the successive government has been adopting the policy of joint ventures and helped it from being directly exposed to the competitions against the big multinational companies, in whose competition the Indian Industries would definitely have crumbled like house of cards. Some of the companies still have continued their tie up and some started producing independently. But unfortunately today’s situation is no different than what it was before 30 to 35 years back. Over the years we have perfected the act of copying instead of finding the innovative and indigenous methodology of productions. Until the year 2001, almost all the big Industrial houses were only producing the copied version of respective partners’ products. The industrial empire well equipped with almost all imported m/c from other countries with the help of huge concessions, quotas and rebates have only been playing second fiddle in the overall arena of Industrial products design, research and developments.


Over the years the brilliant employees have mastered the art of copying, be it manufacturing, medicinal plant, electronic appliances, consumables, etc.  Let Mr. Rahul Bajaj count us some of the remarkable achievements of his industry in the field of vehicle making methodologies, research and development areas or for that matter substantial contribution of any Indian Industry in the field of science and technology. The Americans, Japanese and European Industrialist always aim at better service, quality products at economical prize and they thrust more on Research of new techniques that would aims at innovative methods of production.


Industrial personality and visionary like Ford established his Industrial Empire on the motto  " I'll make cars that an average American can buy". The very reason why Americans, Japanese or Europeans are making huge strides in product innovation and development that is because they have many Industrialists, who subscribe to the Ford’s like motto, their mind set for innovative strategies, thrust on solving their own problems and bring about revolutionary changes in the living standard of human lives. Sam Pitroda, chairman Worldtel, said in one of his lectures: " In India technology is seen as something urban exotic, fancy, sexy, opposed to problem-solving. Every bit of technology requires focus on solving-problems of our own.” And it is very unfortunate we are lacking in it most. The greatest discovery Indian industries have so far made is finding new means of selling the copied products – like alluring them to offer easy finance. And putting the brand name of Indian company on the products of other countries and selling them here by paying huge royalties.


Sam Pitroda has rightly described, “ India is very complex. Indian is land of contrast. Whatever I say you will say exactly opposite and I will have to agree with you. That is India. If I say it can be done, you can say, easily in five minutes, convince me it can’t be done”.  And I think this is what happened in the case of Rahul Bajaj. He is so convinced and been convincing other, the reservation policy in private sectors cannot solve the problem.


Let’s count some of the hard facts.  Since over 50 years, American, and Europe industrial giants, whom we have been copying to-- have remarkably made it possible that if a government and countrymen, if ready, can solve any problem of worst and complex nature. They made it possible and proved it in the case of racially discriminated people of their countries. If we juxtapose the problem of racial discrimination and caste discrimination then we have to agree upon the fact that former have been able to raise their socio-economical condition substantially with the help of their country’s policies; the execution success is such an amazing and remarkable because of which they have scaled grater heights of improvements in their lifestyle and standard as compared to the caste discriminated people.  And I think, this we should copy instead of what we have been copying.  This would really help Indian Industries to harness the immense potential readily available in one’s own country.    


The state of our Industry is quite different than what it has been systematically projected.  Innovation is not part of our Industrial culture apparently, it merely acting as copy cat of the Industrial products designed and developed by American, European Japanese suited to their conditions and we ends up paying huge royalty. We don’t solve the problem of our people. It is entirely in the hands of the genius to lead the country on the path of self-sufficiency, but unfortunately these people over the years merely mastered the techniques of copying. Let me count some of the roughly estimated hard facts concerning our Industrial sectors, say, if America stop its business establishments our companies growths will reduced by 50%, 25% if European companies and so on and so forth. If not authentically, but approximately 70 to 80 % Industrial products come from the designed and development stable of America, European, Japan, etc and we put here the tag of local Indian company for sell.


Over the year our Industries merely acting as the marketing label for the foreign products. Why Indian industry (where there is no reservation) has performed so dismally all these years. It has failed to produce international quality goods at affordable prizes. They cannot stand at competition against any of the MNCs.  Are reservations to blame for this? Our industrialists always have enough reasons to complain. Either government policies are not conducive. There is hell lot of red-tapism and political intervention, the Chinese are dumping products, union problems, or the stockmarkets don't recognise value. Though these gripes may have a small element of truth in them, they often choose to conveniently forget that many problems are of their own making. Several companies have been extremely successful in destroying value, purely through poor management or dubious strategies—Are reservation to blame for this?


In America and Europe the success achieved by the racially discriminated people in the various fields likes: movies, sports, Industry, Academics, Administration, Military, etc wouldn’t have really been possible had it not been for the properly laid down policies and remarkable executions of those policies. One of the important factors that has ushered a new epoch in the lives of those people and that is the change in mentality of their countrymen, Industries and politicians collectively. They invested their faith and will for the over development of their country, on whom; they had inflicted inhuman socio-economic norms (very opposite what we find in India). By doing this they have achieved dual purpose: One, the development of the racially discriminated people and second, have harnessed their potential for the development of country.


It is projected, now, that all the racially discriminated people have been making huge success on their merit. But before that they all have been allowed to blossom, they have given right training and conducive environment to blossom, they all have been given chance to show their talent and the marvelous results followed were only the matter of time. Completely opposite to what we see in India, in India the perception is that if you belong to backward community you do not deserve anything. And the worst, the backward community is touted as the hurdle in ushering the era of competitiveness. The reservation policy is only to show the rest world that we have been properly taking care of the underprivileged section of India. But India is absolutely clueless about what result have been achieved by the huge money allocated and the policies that are being set for the development of the weaker sections over the last 50 years.


Now like, if any insurgent or terrorist act of any nature, strikes on Indian Land, our officers of any cadre or politician has in offer a patented answer,” There are foreign hands behind this act, and wanted to destabilize our social fabric and economy.” On the same line, in days to come, if reservation enacted, our Indian industrial giants irrespective of what their contribution in the over all development of world class product, would answer, if their company doesn’t perform well, ” Reservation is to blame for this”  


The government of India adopted the policy in which it has made safe passage for the Indian Industries for not exposing it to direct competition against foreign companies. They all have been enjoying huge concessions, quotas and rebates. Is it not that Indian Industries too are enjoying a sort of reservation? Then why these Industrialist are making a hue and cry over the issue of introduction of reservation for the weaker section of India. If they talk of survival on the basis of Merit then let the Indian market be open for the foreign companies and let them ask to show the strength of meritorious employees.


Who is to blame for the dismal performance of PSUs or their closure?  Why to forget that meritorious candidates are heading most of the PSUs, since the day of its inceptions. Why is it so that the PSUs only enjoying a sort of monopoly are doing somewhat well? And it is subject of national debate that in whose interest a few PSUs units (even profit making) forced to either closed down or sold to private parties at paltry sum.


When a person born in a so-called menial caste, as per the Hindu caste system is condemned to carry the cross, then why this bogey of merit rose constantly by the educated elite, let's not forget that a caste-ridden society like ours hardly provides a level playing field for large section of the Indian society. A person's station in life is largely determined by birth. In such a system, there is little space for merit and efficiency. The recruitment practices in the private organizations are much a subject of debate and research.   The upper castes have been enjoying unstated reservation since many years. And extending the benefits of reservation to underprivileged people of this country at any cost can only neutralize this.



Lets see what is the scenario in the other sectors of social activities where we have highly skilled people and no reservations at all. 


Lets blame reservation for the following things?


Bollywood, the Hindi-feature film production unit of India, the hub of creativity and propaganda, that produces maximum number of movies in a year all over the world, too is very mediocre and only producing a very stereotypical and monotonous kind of movies.  Alike our production Industries they too are master copiers. Every 9 movies out of 10 are based on only one theme: boy meets girl. Most of the movie themes are adopted versions of Hollywood movies; almost one or two songs in 9 movies out of 10 are copied in the name of inspiration from foreign music directors. One hit movie in Hollywood then in Bollywood almost all top directors get inspired and produces almost 10 movies on the same theme. Ironically, our film stars, directors and rest members make a huge hue and cry over the CD piracy albeit what they do. Even the name ‘Bollywood’ was inspired from the famous film industry situated far-East ‘Hollywood’. In literary circle the picture is too gloomy. We have stock exchange for only 2% of total India’s population. 


We have co-operative sugar mills and other government-run corporations only to run in losses. Those institutions are merely used like green pastureland for the political leaders and their confederate to graze on the peoples’ money. We have reservation for the backward community person to become “Pradhan Or Mukhiya ” of Panchayat only do work under the dictums of the dominating upper caste group.  No one has any clue why these institutions have never been utilized as a mean to provide a ready platform to help reduce the problem of socio-economic backward community? We have government administrators, planning commission body (Yojna Bhavan), industrial policy, grossly prerogative of higher echelon of privileged India to chalk out remedial and development plans but what has been achieved till date, can we blame reservation for it? Isn’t that it has some iota of truth that they only have perfected the art of showing its perfect execution not in reality, but only on papers (that have been lying in the dirty conditions). We have sports Organizations and sportsmen, where entry is predominantly on the merit basis; the result and performance of these bodies are dismal. In a country of billion people what we get a silver medal that too once in a blue Olympic. There is no industry in India who has shown its willingness to come forward to help sports person; it is apparently not the culture of out Industry.   


Why have been we overlooking the Public Education System when it has tremendous potential of brining about educational reforms if implemented properly?  The rate at which we have been doing privatization of our education system is matter of grave concern.  Most of the private education institutes select candidates on the basis of who makes the best offer. Is it not a sort of reservation for a very few privileged. Then we have quota for soldiers, quota for NRIs, there too is no criteria of merit and, not to talk of the kind of favoritism and irregularities are in to practice at the time of admission. And the most frustrating thing is that he facilities in most of the private institute are not worth the fees they charge. How we get rationing card, important certificates. Our Legal system is not for to give justice but only to scribbled down “ Next Tarik”. Public health care system is in its worst state; we have even failed to find the break through for most of the diseases still haunting rural and semi urban areas. Most of the medicines we take are from foreign companies. The chemicals that are banned in other developed countries we sell that stuff here.  There have been deaths because of malnutrition. At ghastly speed the number of child labors and child beggars are on increase. The humanity and compassion in us is on constant decline that is mainly because we don’t think they are the by product of our social system-- we throw contemptuous cold look at those snooty, scraggy, half bared, diseased human body as a part of erratic traffic system. Lets blame this too on reservations. 


The fear of Mr. Bajaj is uncalled for (i.e., Devoid of Merit: Reservations Will Kill Indian Private Sector) nothing will kill it; when it was lively considering what we do at out manufacturing plants or for that matter any other field. Who is he trying to fool? Moreover considering the GoM setup by the Congress, the oldest political party, have served the nation for the record 4 decades and now leading UPA government. If to consider the past records of the congress and the credentials of one of the key members of GoM, Meria Kumar, Union Minster for social justice and empowerment, who may have designs on to break the record of her father, Jagjivanram of holding union ministerial berth for the record 26 years, the task of introduction of reservation in private sector seems quite a difficult but certainly not impossible. And things would definitely have been unpromising had the Congress government been enjoying majority but considering the compulsion of a coalition government, lets hope that things will take shape at the earliest.


Recently in an interview to one of the English dailies of Indian Meria Kumar one of the key member of newly appointed Group of Misters to examine the sensitive issue of reservation for SCs/STs in private sector has appeal to the Industry that,” I am all for allaying their fears; I have an open mind on the issue and ready to walk half-way, but they should also shed their misconceptions!” Well no one doubts that if the government and private sectors join hands together they can definitely sort this major contention out.


Recently Prime Minster Manmohan Singh announced in a public rally as a part of campaigning for Maharashatra assembly election, “ His government will develop and beautify the finical capital, Mumbai like Shanghai.” If to test the possibility of such thing a doubt immediately pops up that how could he possibly make it, if one consider the real facts: One, the place is crammed with people beyond the capacity and bristle with big slums, secondly, the major problem is 95 percent people (mostly poor and old tenants) live in on 2/3rd of land and rest on 1/3rd. Do we consider this as only election promise and stunt to allure voters? He may have made this statement out of political compulsion but I think a good economist like Manmohan Singh would not have made such a brave statement unless it had some potential to become reality. And every one in India believe that every election-promise that our political leader make, if we genuinely lift a step in that direction, and if we raise above the occasion and personal selfishness, we can do that. The same is case with all of our social problems no matter how they look impossible and threatening our social fabrics and if we to solve this problem what we need is to lift a step in that direction with a renewed mind set. If we want, we can collectively change Indian for all and at once.  To think about such incidents, we must abandon traditions, orthodoxies, social convention and prejudices. The trick is to decide among alternative and then throw everything to bring about the social change.


Lets do it for all of us and at once. And this is not against anybody. This is for everybody. It’s a national shame when we exploded atom bomb and western countries instead of accepting our accomplishment and big stride in the area of scientific research considering our handicaps, they chided us ironically, “ Why a country like Indian where 600 million people struggle to get two times proper meal need atom bomb?” This statement they may have made out of compulsion of International diplomacy but then we should not shy off from reality. We are a nuke country, it is not absolutely wrong to posses nuke power but we forget that we have more than half of our population in dire poverty. No political or military strategist would tell us that when someone’s nuke bomb will strike on Indian land.  The zeal with which we developed the nuke bomb lets show the same zeal for uprooting all social evils. The task of uprooting social evils required the chain reaction of collective actions and social mobility that should be detonated by the spark of changed mind-set. India has been successful in providing deterrence power of nuke bomb but what’s guaranty that no other country will use it against us. So Bomb is there but no guaranty that it can save us from possible strike. Are we not potent enough to buy those millions of poverty stricken Indians a death that they will embrace with their stomach full with food, roof over head and cloths to covered their bodies?  Or Are we assuming that anyway, they are going to die of poverty so why we should work for all this? The best thing man ever gets is Death, its delicacy, it’s the ultimate truth and man gets it only once in a life and that’s end of the journey of human sufferance. Lets plead that we ‘ll make it more attractive and not ugly the way innumerable people in India are greeting. Lets collectively try to bring a bit of change in the lives of underprivileged India.           


 In recent times, the world has been hailing the Indian software professional and Industries for the great acumen in IT. But considering our share in the total worlds’ software export is that is only 1%. 95% of our IT revenue comes from American and European market. And if you ask to any competitive analyst of International repute about what we do in our IT firms you would come to know that the picture there if not too bad then certainly not prospective.  We don’t solve the problem of our people but the problem of developed countries. Recent breathtaking and path-breaking innovations in the field of telecommunication research and methodologies e.g. WLL, CDMS, WiMAX, Wi-Fi all these technology comes in India from American, Japanese or European countries.  What we have to do here is to deploy the technology by giving training to the local people. If this is what the operating format of the Indian companies then they can easily trained the people of backward community, unlike their other employee and can contribute their share. 


It is not that what we have been doing is wrong or bad but we should realize that we have a vast potential of transforming our country on the map of development and instilling the scientific temper than superstitious.          


We Indian, though very diverse in our thought process, varied social, economical background and have differing opinions on major issue but still been living together amicably is, I suppose, the 8th wonder of the world. Lets learn the power of disagreement of, dialogue and the essence of living in diversity in thinking. It is not about the ability to create a definitive dogmatic end-state; it is about the unfolding of thoughts process, of dialogue and continuum. Ultimately, we ‘ll succeed is our vision it is only the question of rising above the social dictums and enjoying the pains of renouncing ones’ selfish purposes. It is about imagination and to show sensitivity toward small people.  Lets get connected to large world existence and create extra ordinary success with ordinary lives.


            Many prominent personalities have in recent time suggested criteria of economy for the reservation as an alternative to the caste based reservation. I think this suggestion is against the spirit and the very basic idea of reservation. It is quite well known fact that the policy of reservation been introduced and most importantly given the protection of constitution of India, because of the evil social practices and for giving up the demand of separate state for socio- economic backward community. When the future of these people handed over to the privileged Indians then it is their responsibility to finish this task. And if we have to consider the possibility of reservation on the basis of economic criteria then what is the guarantee of its proper implementation considering what we have achieved under the scheme of reservation on caste basis. Then there is chance of its misuse as happened in case of caste base reservation (i.e., of acquiring fake caste certificates). This problem of issuing fake certificates can be easily traced but what if affluent people find the place in the list of economically backward community considering this is common occurrence at the time of listing BPL (Below Poverty Line) scheme. Moreover, the social system is so rigid that even if backward community people when converted to any other community (i.e., Christianity or Muslim) to escape from stigma of one’s caste, ironically, these tow faith, though do not believe on caste system but here in India they end up becoming Lower caste christen or lower caste Muslim as against the converted upper caste christen or upper caste Muslim. That’s it they even do not have freedom of changing faith even. If they change it still they carry the tag of lower- caste or the group like RSS or Hindu hard-line organization immediately set up re-conversion camps. Even the Hindu hardliners are not living converted people in peace in their grave. Recently, The coffin of a Christian, Baga Tulasiga, buried in a "Hindu cremation ground," had to be dug up after some locals lodged an FIR with the Gurandi police in Orissa's Gajapati district. The coffin was brought back to Tulasiga's home for "re-conversion" to Hinduism. His body was then cremated in the same ground as per Hindu rites.   And why is it necessary to make such a hue and cry over the issue of conversion and re-conversion when for through out their lives they are only to carry cross of lower-caste.  And I think because of this reality this problem cannot solve by giving reservation on the basis of economical conditions.


Considering the today’s social condition and plight of the more than half of the Indian population which is still struggling for the basic things: Roti, Kapda and Makan. I am afraid that what once British government said is turning out to be true, “ Because of geographic, racial, historical, social and cultural factors the Indian people had become permanently unfit for self government.” They even declared that because of our inherent social and cultural evils and defects Indian were destined to be ruled perpetually by foreign.  I really don’t understand that if freedom from England meant to get what we had been denied by West India company during its’ dictatorial and oppressive rule for each of her son, then we are failed in materializing it after obtaining freedom. When we got independence that we called  “Swaraj” failed to bring about the social economic changes. It is same what it was at the time of British rule—that some section (only difference, during British rule this section comprised of British people and a few Indian who toed the line of British and after independence this place is taken by a some section of India.) is enjoying everything where as major section (which is largely disorganize) getting nothing. It is really shameful thing that in ‘Swaraj’ to realize that the act of office secret devised by the British only to rule over the large population of the India, to us it took almost 50 years to abolish it and introduced right to information act. If consider properly is it not that we are acting like English people? Are we going to blame reservation for this?       


Our television should learn some lessons form the kind of serials those are mainly based on the social subject that have been plying instrumental role in developing amicable relationships amongst the people of different racial orientation—mainly between black and whites-- and interweaving them in to one single thread of unity and fraternity. It is very frustrating to see that what kind of things we have been copying from the western countries. We have not become mature enough in the art of copying and adaptations. It is absolutely not wrong in what we are copying, but frankly speaking we are overdoing it. The television Industry hasn’t yet come out of its copying phase and still struggling to come out of the age-old home theorem of Sas-Bhahu fighting depicted in many colorful and melodramatic forms or the shows of extra martial affairs of Big Industrial families or people who are into entertainment business in the vulgar, Pompous, exaggerated to the extent of stupidity whose format is completely alien to Indian society,           


We are quite familiar with the character of “Bhai”, call him a small punter in the Mafia or money-extraction Gangs of Mumbai or the Big boss himself, who operates a gang. The vivid descriptions and enactment of this character (i.e., Bhai) in the TV serials or Movies, has achieved new heights of popularity.  Why TV serials and movies are being made on the modus operandi of the notorious Bhai, its characterization being modified, depicted, captured, portrayed, redefined, exaggerated versions of their personality trait? For me, the Bhai would not have become the household name had it not been for the his unknown relationship with the film Industry, a sort of charm the character wielded around it, and our attraction towards the dark/unknown sides of human-face. Sometime we hate the character and sometimes we love it, that is mainly because of in what human-shades the character has been portrayed. It is the power of television medium that can portray the different shades that a charter like Bhai possesses. The character of Bhai though not a matter or ideal person to emulate but they way its been presented on the television accordingly we formulate our opinion. On the same line can’t we present the problems of the caste discrimination?


I remember, three to four years back there was one Hindi-dubbed American serial  Different stroke” was telecasted on ‘Sony Entertainment Television Channel’.  The serial had handled the subject of racial discrimination and how to develop friendly and family relationships between these two groups without compromising on its commercial format. In short the story was based on a White-man, his daughter (age around 15) and two small black-boys (age group of 11 and 15) adopted by him. It was really unbelievably, amazingly and wonderfully portrayed the story of how that white girl get along with those black boys and how slowly, slowly they build a strong relationship after initial hiccups, fight and social inhibitions. The central charter, a black boy, Arnold (around 10 years) portrayed for commercial value was one of the classical examples that our TV producers and writer should emulate. The serial was classical example of how one can exploit the super power of TV and disseminate social message of importance through a commercially viable serial. But the gripe of our TV producers that serials based on social subjects won’t fetch them money. But I beg for differ, and the reason is that we lack in originality.    Why everything happens in America and not here despite the fact ours was the first nation to attain the statues of civilized society when Europe or American people roaming in woods for food. Why because they understand how to solve their own problems, how to ridicule and laugh on ones social problems. Why don’t we make serials, which are commercially viable -- May it be in comical format or messaging format?   Is reservation is to be blamed for this? And lets not forget that in TV and Movie Production there is reservation?  Apparently we don’t want to solve our problems. We have got mastery on how to waste our creative energy in perpetuating all our social problems and blaming each other that not us but you are responsible for it. We have really been wasting our energy in crating problems and unfortunately not using it for the collective development.


 If we don’t build consensus and owe to solve this problem voluntarily, as was appealed by the Prime Minster Manmohan Singh before the government would enforce it. It may create more social explosive situation in days to come.  This problem carries a potential threat in its womb let’s abort it right there before it would assume evil shape.  



 Mr. Rahul Bajaj did not forget to mention in his article a fact and reforming step intiated by his grandfather that in 1928, Jamnalanji Bajaj opended the first temple in India to Harijans- Laxminarayan Temple in Wardha. It has since its inception been managed by a charitable trust run by the Bajaj family. This reminds me the famous Verse by Coleridge's Ancient Mariner " As idle as a painted ship, on painted ocean."  Truly the line says everything. As every one knows that temple sort of thing hasn’t been able to achieve anything. “When O, Lord shall our land be free from this eternal dwelling upon past?  Religion is not for empty bellies and it must contribute to human welfare.” Swami Vivekananda though a religious leader frustratingly register his ire on the Hindu society. Why should a businessman like Mr. Rahul Bajaj take the refuge of such things when he gave the statistical figures of backward community people working in his factory?


There have been good and bad effects of despoliation of our land by a succession of savage conquerors followed by a couple of centuries of economical exploitation and racial humiliation. This country, if we turn the pages of history, was divided into many states. We have got it, the country so diver in its make-up as one unit from England and we really paid a much high price for what we got in return. Now, it is our duty to see that every one of us should get his/her share to help to get back its lost glory.    


If we are not able to reach on any amicable solution to the present entangling problem whether to introduces reservation in private sectors or not --then I think we should get back to the two biggies of the masses, who have initiated this reforming measure and envisaged a new India for all: Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the two most misused names in the socio-political-economic context.  If we study and understand their personality trait, then I think, the solution of this problem lies there. Gandhiji, epitome of simplicity, decolonised Indian sub continent, tried to throw out social evils, urged to abandon the caste system and accepted the responsibility of social evils.  Second, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, great social reformer, charming personality and classical example of emulation considering what he achieved against all odd with a little help from a few members of the society. 


So the bottom line is if the Indian upper class just follow the 10% of the Gandhian personality trait and accept the rights of chronic poverty stricken people because of social evils and the people have been enjoying the benefits of reservation, if follow the personality trait of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (i.e., making most of what ever small help one gets, not shaking off one’s responsibility and charm of intelligence), I think then we are not far off from permanently finishing this problem. 

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