Attack or Not,
The 'Encounter' for Sure

The Report of the Fact Finding Committee

on the Alleged Attack on the RSS Headquarters at Nagpur on June 01, 2006


People's Union for Civil Liberties, Nagpur, Committee for Protection of Democratic

Rights (CPDR), Mumbai Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC),

HyderabadCivil Liberty Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad Dharm Nirapeksh Nagarik

Munch, NagpurIndian Association of People's Lawyers, India India Peace Centre,

Nagpur Bahujan Sangharsh Samiti, Nagpur


The nation woke up on June 01, 2006 hearing the shocking news of an attempted attack of the ‘Islamic’ terrorists on the RSS headquarters building at Nagpur.  There was a respite however that the Nagpur Police had successfully foiled the attempt by killing the three ‘Fidayeen’ terrorists before they reached the headquarters.

The incident was very significant not because it was the first such in the central part of the country but also because it was too blatant in its aim to actually target the place that symbolized Hindu nationalism and hence had huge potential of communal conflagration. It had expectedly evoked anxious reactions from all peace loving people. The leaders of most political parties and every community promptly condemned the heinous act and appealed to the masses to maintain peace. Although certain mischief mongers tried to provoke people communally by putting up provocative banners immediately at many places in the city (the fact surprisingly not much highlighted despite there being a criminal case and court order to the police to remove the same), it should be said to the credit of people of Nagpur that they maintained exemplary peace.

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