Akhil Bharatiya Mulnivasi Ambedkari Sahitya Sammelan

(All India Indigenous Ambedkarite Literary Convention)
on 13th and 14h May 2000 at Chandrapur

With the travels of Columbus, the slavery of Mulnivasis started in rest of the world by the Aryan race, but in India, the Aryan ancestors of Columbus had already colonised and enslaved the Indigenous people of this land denying them their natural birth rights of civilization for thousands of years. As a result of this, the indigenous people got divided into Dalits and Adivasis and they are obeying faithfully the orders of the Brahmanical social system. Consequently, we forgot our identity, and here the struggle of Brahmins versus Mulnivasi was never got started in this country till this date.

Dr. Ambedkar is the great rebellious hero of struggle against the Caste. The Ambedkarite community - the erstwhile untouchables - and their near friends Advivasis are the main elements residing outside the village boundaries in this struggle against caste, and their main principle was to de-colonize the Aryan colonization and establish a casteless society. And thereby to establish a community based on Adivasi republics' democratic values giving rise to a society in view of the Buddha's concept and vision of casteless fraternity, love, equality and universal brotherhood.

Mulnivasis are the inborn citizens of this Bharat-bhumi. The wealth in this country, the land, the forest, the water and all the rights over this wealth belongs to them as their birth right. But they are denied all these rights and they have to lead a life of slavery in their own motherland. They are being treated as second class citizens and their human rights are violated and the fetters of slavery are being strengthened over the indigenous people by the neo-agenda of Arya-brahmins. It is necessary to halt this and start the struggle of human liberation.

To highlight this struggle of human liberation, it is necessary to have literature depicting this struggle throughout the world. It has therefore, become empirical to hold a convention of all those SCs, STs, OBCs who are enclosed in the Brahmanic prison cell, to ignite the spark to blast the walls of this prison. The struggle of Mulnivasis against the alien Arya-Brahmins is now eminent.

Signed -
1. Prof. Isadas Bhadke.
2. Latari Kawadu Madavi,
6, Bijli Nagar, Sadar, Nagpur, 440 001
Tel: 528520

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