Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Held on 10th & 11th October 1998

Organised By The Dalit International Organisation

Sponsored By The Indian Progressive Front, Malaysia






We the dalits of different parts of the world assembled here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 10th & 11th October 1998 for the First World Convention, do hereby solemly and sincerely declare that we dedicate ourselves wholly for the blessed unity of Dalit community throughout the world and would solidly stand united to struggle relentlessly for better and brighter future, dignity and respect of Dalits and other down-trodden communities.






Resolution 1


(a)                 This convention has recognised the initiatives towards the full development of dalit community throughout the world but deeply regrets the flagrant violations of Human Rights such as caste discrimination and atrocities committed on dalits in India and other parts of the world. And India being the main culprit, innocent women and children face untold sufferings in their day to day life.

Therefore this convention unanimously resolves to urge          the United Nations to immediately appoint “Special  Rapporteurs” to commence investigation into this Human Rights violation and also take appropriate measures to effect the implementation of fundamental ‘Human Rights’ instrument for dalits in India and other parts of the world.

(b)                 This convention also appeals to the United Nations to regard this problem seriously as it affects the lives and future of 300 million dalits throughout India and the world who are facing a fate far worse that South African or American Apartheid.


Resolution 2


(a)                  This convention takes a serious view on the prevailing

situation in India especially in most states where blatant violations of Human Rights and atrocities are day to day affair of dalits especially innocent women and children are persistently being kept under bonded labour to caste Hindu landlords.

Therefore this convention urges the Central and State Governments of India to immediately arrest the situation and also bring to book those culprits who are responsible for the heinous crimes committed on dalit people.

(b)                  This convention acknowledges that innocent dalits

are being constantly harassed and victimised through criminal proceedings during frequent caste clashes in several parts of India.

This convention therefore urges that respective State Governments take appropriate measures and ensure that unbiased police action is taken and justice maintained.

(c)                  This convention therefore also urges the central and State

Governments of India to safeguard all the rights provided for in the constitution especially the Reservation Quotas to SC/ST people at all levels including Police, Armed Forces, Judiciary and also immediately fill up all vacant places without any further delay.

(d)                  This convention urges the Indian Government to supervise

The strict implementation of the Reservation Rights at Local, State and Federal level including Police and Armed Forces and also give judicial and punitive powers to the National Commission for the welfare of SC/ST communities so that commission can play a meaningful and effective role.