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              A much awaited hands-on GNU/Linux Enterprise Training course will be commencing at Pune on 19, 20, 21st January 2007 for our people from rich experience Linux professionals (File System, Device driver, Administration, Networking etc.) of our own community. Special thanks to our brother Prof. Shiva for always inspiring to take this initiative. This will be our first formal training program under the "IT Training activities" planned by Samata Sainik Dal, Pune to train our youth in technology along with social, religious and physical training.

              The objective of RHEC is to assure standard level of systems and network administration skills so that a person is "ready from a technical point of view for professional responsibilities in setting up, configuration, and managing a Red-Hat Linux server running common enterprise networking services and security." - Red-Hat.Com. Course contents will get posted on under "Build Future" section. We have taken the standard course contents from Global RHEL course, which Red-Hat provides in their training centers and charges more than $200 as a fee.

We will basically cover the following three courses:

The hottest Certification courses in 2006:

              Registration form for this course is available at our site People has to register online for this with all the relevant details and in case of any problem or anything please contact us. We will be conducting an interview on 10th Jan 2007 for final selection.In Nutshell:

Start of Registration process : 6th Jan 2007
Last day for Registration : 9th Jan 2007.
Interviews and Shortlisting candidates : 10th Jan 2007.

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