Khairlanji Atrocity

Khairlanji is a village in Mohadi Taluka, Bhandara District


About Khairlanji Village


What happened?


Surekha and her daughter were paraded naked, raped and killed by a mob of caste Hindus
- Surekha’s two sons were murdered after mutilating their bodies
- Bhaiyalal Bhotmange is the only surviving member







Why it happened?


It happened due to caste prejudice
The family fought for self respect
The progress of Buddhist family was not tolerated by caste Hindus



Sequence of event

Long dispute for rights on the land
For 15 years no basic facilities were provide
Immediate cause:
Quarrel with Siddhartha Gajbhiye
Caste Hindus arrested as Surekha gave witness
Caste Hindus released on bail
They go to Dhusala village to beat Siddhartha
He is not found
Three four tractors full of caste Hindus attack the Bhotmange family
They drag Surekha, Priyanka. Sudhir and Roshan out of their hut
Stripped naked
Paraded naked in the village
Brother asked to have sex with his sister


After denial tossed their bodies in the air repeatedly
Mother and daughter gang raped
All of them killed
Bodies disposed off in the canal
Panchayat meeting convened to ask people not to give evidence and Police bribed & managed



Who is responsible?


The caste Hindu system
The Buddhist officials
Political parties
The administration, particularly Police
And WE


Doctors managed (The Doctor and Civil surgeon both are Buddhists)
The SP is from Scheduled Caste
Local MLA of BJP and politicians from Rastravadi Congress and Congress protecting the criminals
After Khairlanji atrocity


Biased media: Lokamat gave a false report
Biased Police: Police did not arrive on time even they knew that people are getting killed
Mobile phone and it was smashed later
Pade likhe log: doctors, Police and lawyers


Lesson to be learn from Khairlanji


Buddhists are not safe
The political parties that we vote for safeguard the interests of the dominant castes
Our educated people do not feel responsible for the society
We are still vulnerable to attacks


What we did following Khairlanji?

Prepared a report
Sent it to people all over
Sent media people (BBC, TIMES, NDTV)
Published in local newspapers
Contacted various Human right organization
Set up a website
Campaigned in Mumbai


In Pune


Prepared a pamphlet
Distributed throughout Pune in different localities and nearby places
Arranged meetings with people concerned
Collected over 90,000/-


What is happening around?









Womens taking lead in protest


Atrocities on Buddhists in India

Hit by hunger and disease, the children of Dalit families of Kadkol village in Bijapur district



Ostracised Dalits and members of different organisations taking out a padayatra


Atrocities on Buddhists in India



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