Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace (ACJP) Protest at United

New York, USA – 24th Nov, 2006

On Friday, 24th Nov, 2006 Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace
(ACJP) protested against the killings of Dalits in India before United
Nations at New York. The protest was observed to highlight the suffering of
Dalits/Untouchables and educate the international civil society. ACJP
delegation presented the demands in the form of Memorandum to be
conveyed to the Prime Minister of India through his Excellency Ambassador
Nirupam Sen at the Permanent Mission of India to United Nations. ACJP also
presented a copy of Memorandum to the office of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan.

In spite of 50 years of Independence and India's fostering of the largest
democracy of the world; in rural India where 81.4% of India lives
Dalits/Untouchables are in full slavery. How can we boast greatness
of a nation when more than 50% of the population lives at starving level
with income less than $1 a day; or half of the world's child labor (around
110million) is suffering as Child Labor, Bonded Labor, Child
Prostitution in India. Recent protests by Dalits/Untouchables /Buddhists around
Maharashtra, India are just the tip of an iceberg. Police, Bureaucracy and
Politics protects the culprits who rape, kill and slave dalits. Situation
hasn't improved in 50 years. We at Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace
(ACJP) continue to educate the civil society around the world and United
Nations on these pathetic conditions and total negligence of Dalit sufferings
and complaints of the victims; in spite of the constitutional
provisions. We want all civil society members to join us in the battle for Human
Dignity and restoration of human personality. We assure our brothers and
sisters of India that till the time every child, women and men of Dalit
community is not liberated ACJP will not rest.

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