Hindutva and Dalits: Perspectives for Understanding Communal Praxis


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Dr. Anand Teltumbde


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Some Comments  on the Back Cover


“It is a unique book in many ways that might defy familiar academic classification. Its contributions come form a typical mix of academicians and activists and it is edited by a person who represents the best combination of both- academics and activism. Its coverage has been comprehensive and balanced insofar as it deals with both conceptual and practical issues. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am sure readers will find it informative, illuminating as well provocative. I hope it gets widely read and generates a healthy discussion on this contemporary development in Indian society.”

-Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India (New Delhi, January 15, 2004)


“In recent times a disturbing parallelism in politics has emerged in the form of Hindutva politics and Dalit politics. The former claiming to be inclusive under the banner of Hindu unity has remained in practice as a model of hierarchical integration rather than egalitarian integration. It has posed a serious challenge to dalit politics, which with its autonomous tendencies and ideological overtones appeared as limiting mobility-aspirations to dalits themselves. These two streams have been brought into a dialectical relationship with the emergence of coalition era. With national politics being increasingly oriented to politics of stakes, dalit politics is poised to emerge as a balancing force. Whether this balancing force remains secular or goes with the communal forces remains as an open question. This book grapples with these and other such issues. All those interested in these issues will find its reading a rewarding experience.”

-Prof. D. L. Sheth, Central for the Study of Development Societies, (CSDS), Delhi

(January 17, 2004)







Foreword by K. N. Panikkar                                                                                              ix

Preface                                                                                                                  xii

Contributors                                                                                                           xiv


Introduction  Anand Teltumbde                                                                             1



1.      Dalits in Theory and Practice of Hindutva  Shamsul Islam                              23

2.      Hindutva, Dalits and the Neo-Liberal Order  Anand Teltumbde                                   46

3.      Dalits and Hindutva: Gainers and Losers  Sandeep Pendse                             75

4.      Hindutva’s Social Engineering: Dalits Participation in the Anti-Muslim

Pogrom, Gujarat 2002  Ram Puniyani                                                              92

5.      Between Her legs: -Hindutva and Dalit Women  Meena Kandasamy              108

6.      Hindutva: Historicity of Dalit Connection: Prakash Louis                               136

7.      Dalits Face a Culture Threat Both from Within and Without  Gopal Guru       163

8.      Dalit-Hindutva Alliance and the Dynamics of Dalit Politics: Ramesh Kamble 171


9.      Subverting the ShudraAti-shudra Revolution: The Uttar Pradesh Way:

Subhash Gatade                                                                                              187

10.  Maharashtra: Dalit Politics in the Hindutva Trap  Suhas Palshikar                  208

11.  No Exit: Dalits, Hindutva and the Dravidian Movement: V. Geetha                224

12.  Contesting Exclusions: Dalits and Reconstruction of Religious Identities in

Punjab  Navprit Kaur                                                                                       238

13.  Hindutva and Dalits in Andhra Pradesh  K .S. Chalam                                                253

14.  Hindutva Influence on Dalits: The Case of Karnataka  Shivasundar               265

15.  In Search of Answers: Gujarat: Dalits as Foot-Soldiers of Hindutva?

 Anand Teltumbde and Subhash Gatade                                                    275

16  The Sangh Parivar Initiatives in the Tribal Belt of Wyanad in Kerala T. K. Ramachandran                                                                                                     300

Index                                                                                                                     304