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Buddhist Hymns

<B><A HREF="mangala.mp3">mangala.mp3</A></B> Buddham Saranam Gacchami [Pali Language].
<B><A HREF="mangala.mp3">mangala.mp3</A></B> Jaya Mangala Gatha [Pali Language]
<B><A HREF="Life.mp3">Life.mp3</A></B> Life Never Dies
<B><A HREF="bodhisatta.mp3">bodhisatta.mp3</A></B> Bodhisatta
<B><A HREF="Wesak.mp3">Wesak.mp3</A></B> Wesak Dawn
<B><A HREF="thoughts.mp3">thoughts.mp3</A></B> Thoughts
<B><A HREF="Flower.mp3">Flower.mp3</A></B> Flower of Mankind
<B><A HREF="signs.mp3">signs.mp3</A></B> The Three Signs
<B><A HREF="self.mp3">self.mp3</A></B> Self Reliance
<B><A HREF="joy.mp3">joy.mp3</A></B> Joy Peace And Love
<B><A HREF="light.mp3">light.mp3</A></B> The Light Of Asia
<B><A HREF="sweet.mp3">sweet.mp3</A></B> Sweet Hour Of Meditation
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